The '70s were the golden age of that beloved, and often misunderstood, genre of power pop. Though the origins of the style can be traced back to elements of the Who, the Nazz and others, it was bands like Raspberries, Badfinger and Big Star who are often cited as ground zero early in the decade. Following the punk explosion, many bands turned back to that melody and excitement and mixed those styles with the high energy of the punk movement.

Bram Tchaikovsky, born Peter Bramall, had been a member of the Motors, a great straight-up rock-and-roll band born out of the pub-rock scene. Bram split the Motors to form his own group. With Mike Broadbent on bass and keyboards, and Keith Boyce on drums, the trio signed to Radar Records in 1978. In 1979 and with the release of the debut album, Strange Man Changed Man, unleashed a genuine classic of the genre. They would go on to hit the U.S. Top 40 hit later that year with the classic "Girl of My Dreams" making it up to No. 37.

Unfortunately, that would be Bram's one and only trip to the U.S. chart. The band made a follow-up LP, The Russians Are Coming (retitled Pressure in America) in 1980 and one final release, Funland, in 1981, with a new band. Power pop fans around the world have kept the legacy of the album alive over the last (nearly) four decades.

This new box set, Bram Tchaikovsky: Strange Men Changed Men: The Complete Recordings: 1978 – 1981, is set for release April 27 via Cherry Red. The three-disc box collects all three of the albums (all remastered), plus all of the band’s singles, b-sides and alternative versions. It also comes with a detailed booklet with liner notes and photos, all fully endorsed by Bram Tchaikovsky himself.

Bram Tchaikovsky, 'Strange Men Changed Men: The Complete Recordings: 1978 – 1981' Track Listing

Disc One: 'Strange Man, Changed Man'
1. "Robber"
2. "Strange Man, Changed Man"
3. "Lonely Dancer"
4. "I'm the One That's Leaving"
5. "Girl of My Dreams"
6. "Bloodline"
7. "Nobody Knows"
8. "Lady from the USA"
9. "I'm a Believer"
10. "Sarah Smiles"
11. "Turn on the Light"
12. "Goodnight Ladies (Lullaby of Broadway)"
13." Rock 'N' Roll Cabaret"
14. "(Who Wants to Be a) Criminal"
15. "Girl of My Dreams" (U.S. Promo Single Version)
16. "Sarah Smiles" (Single Version)
17. "Turn on the Light" (Single Version)
18. "Bloodline" (Single Version)

Disc Two: 'The Russians Are Coming'
1. "Let's Dance"
2. "Mr. President"
3. "Missfortune"
4. "Hollywood Nightmare"
5. "Pressure"
6. "The Russians Are Coming"
7. "Heartache"
8. "Letter from the U.S.A."
9. "Can't Give You Reasons"
10. "Jeux Sans Frontieres"
11. "New York Paranoia"
12. "Come Back"
13. "Amelia"
14. "Let's Dance" (Single Version)
15. "Rock and Roll Cabaret" (Single Version)
16. "Mr President" (French Version)
17. "Robber" (Live)
18. "Whiskey and Wine" (Live)

Disc Three: 'Funland'
1. "Stand and Deliver"
2. "Shall We Dance?"
3. "Heart of Stone"
4. "Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache"
5. "Model Girl"
6. "Why Does My Mother 'Phone Me?"
7. "Used to Be My Used to Be"
8. "Soul Surrender"
9. "Together My Love"
10. "Miracle Cure"
11. "Egyptian Mummies"
12. "Shall We Dance?" (Single Version)
13. "Solid Ball of Rock"

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