Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton sure digs the left-field collaborations, and one of his best is Broken Bells, the band he formed in 2009 with James Mercer of the Shins.

In 2010, the duo dropped a groovy self-titled debut, and on Jan. 14, Exclaim reports, the duo return with 'After the Disco.' It's a long time to wait, but the Bells are tiding us over with the single 'Holding On For Life' (streaming below).

Built on whining synths, breezy acoustic guitars and plenty of Burton's beloved round and fat bass, 'Holding On For Life' once again marks a healthy marriage of the artists' signature sounds. And sounds aren't all they're into. 'After the Disco' comes complete with an accompanying movie, and after you're done bumping this latest tune, watch a preview here.

"'Part One: Angel and The Fool' lays out the blueprint for a mini epic chronicling the attainment of love," according to a press release about the film. "The prologue introduces viewers to Oliver, a 9-to-5 ordinary Joe, who finds a spacesuit-clad Helen, the literal girl of his dreams."