Calling Los Angeles home, the four brothers that make up Brown Shoe are in the middle of some serious celebrations. Instead of going the normal route of releasing an album, for their fifth endeavor as a band, Brown Shoe are releasing three EPs that make up one record -- the second of which, 'Lonely Beast Part Two,' drops Aug. 19. Ahead of its release, Diffuser is excited to debut a loud, powerful track from the second EP entitled 'Circus.' You can listen to the song below.

"'Circus' kind of came out of thin air. We were in the studio while we were recording 'Lonely Beast Part One' and I left the mixing room and started banging away on the piano," guitarist Aaron Baggaley tells us. "The song had a mind of its own and it took shape in no time. We ended up naming it 'Circus' because on the exterior, it seemed almost upbeat and joyous, but then the longer we listened to the song, the more it embodied all the sinister, mysterious and eerie qualities of a circus. Or at least what a circus is in my head."

It makes sense that Baggaley banging on the piano is a foundational element to the song as 'Circus' has a steady stream of beautiful keys backed with the intense energy of the rest of the band.

Diving deeper into the lyrics of the tune, Baggaley says, "We haven't written too many political songs -- maybe a few tinged with it here and there -- but 'Circus is definitely our most political. It's about immigration, about how sh--ty we can be to one another. It's not about fighting back or solutions; it's about what it feels like to be discarded. I think everyone feels that, even if it's just a little bit, and hopefully that's something people can relate to."

Brown Shoe's 'Lonely Beast Part Two' will be in fans' hands beginning Aug. 19. Pre-order the three-song EP here.