In 2014, longtime Green Day touring guitarist Jason White joined forces with Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler and Soophie Nun Squad bassist Dustin Clark to form a new band dubbed California. Two years later, they’re ready to make their debut.

Today (April 21), California are streaming their self-titled debut in its entirety. The LP is brimming with infectious pop-punk that definitely takes a small but significant cue from both White and Pfahler's main gigs. Take a listen below and purchase the album over at their Bandcamp.

For their debut effort, California called upon a laundry list of friends and familiar faces for special guest appearances. While Pfahler produced the album, Jawbox frontman J Robbins mixed it. Likewise, Beck, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer guest vocalist Rachel Haden (also of That Dog, the Rentals and the Martinis) appears on the stripped-back “To the Airport.” Former Beastie Boys touring drummer Alfredo Ortiz also contributes to the band's inaugural full-length.


California Track List
1. "Hate the Pilot"
2. "Same Boat"
3. "Almost Home"
4. "Cut & Paste"
5. "Bad Directions"
6. "Winners"
7. "To the Airport"
8. "See Your Friends"
9. "Woodson Lateral"
10. "No Hoodoo"

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