Caspian, the powerhouse post-rock band hailing from Beverly, Mass., announced the forthcoming release of their fourth full-length studio album, Dust & Disquiet. The album is due out Sept. 25 via Triple Crown Records.

They also a new song from that record -- the (relatively) brief "Sad Heart of Mine," which you can stream over at Noisey. The song succeeds at maintaining a reflective, melancholy aura even as drums and guitar build toward their driving zenith.

The album is the first without bass player, Chris Friedrich, who passed away in 2013. "We’re taking it one day at a time," guitarist and founding member Philip Jamieson told Diffuser in an interview at the time. "We’ve always been circling the wagons with everyone, but I’d say now more than ever we’re reminded of the fragility of life."

In a statement on the band's Facebook page today, they wrote of the new album: "This record was the product of some substantial soul searching, a lot of hard work, and the desire to reclaim for ourselves what it is we all still love about music, both as individuals and as a collective unit."