The White Stripes may have officially called it quits last year, but the music of the Detroit-based garage duo -- singer-guitarist Jack White and drummer Meg White -- will always live on. So will the band's unforgettable story, and the best way to tell that tale would be to make a feature film about the pair. But who would play Jack and Meg? Check out our casting suggestions below.

Jack White Played By Johnny Depp

Jack White Johnny Depp
Scott Gries / Junko Kimura, Getty Images

When it comes to casting somebody to play Jack White, only one name comes to mind: Johhny Depp. We've been known to call the eccentric White "the Willy Wonka of Indie Rock," so who better to play him than the latest man to actually take on the Wonka roll? Depp has portrayed such counterculture icons as Hunter S. Thompson ('Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas') and bank robber John Dillinger ('Public Enemies'), so he has the formula down, and since the two already share a similarly questionable real-life fashion sense  -- vintage fedoras, handkerchiefs, three-piece suits -- the stylist wouldn't have much work to do. Depp just needs to lose those thick-rimmed hipster glasses and he's good to go.

Meg White Played By Christina Ricci

Meg White Christina Ricci
Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Finding a suitable actress to take on Meg White is a bit more challenging. A few different names came up first -- Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Goodwin, Alexis Biddel of 'Gilmour Girls' -- but in the end, we decided that Christina Ricci has the the indie credibility, the quirky vibes and the physical attributes needed to nail down the roll. She'll have to grow her hair out a bit (putting it in White's trademark pigtails wouldn't hurt), and the makeup department will be put to work matching Meg's pasty-white complexion, but overall, it's a match. And who better to make sure the flick is a hit at Sundance then Ricci?

Who do you think should play the White Stripes in a film? Let us know in the comments section below.