What’s The Song?

Every wonder what song was playing during popular commercials airing on television? Diffuser.fm answers those questions.

Warpaint Overshadow the Denim in Calvin Klein Jeans Commercial
The folks at Calvin Klein have gained some indie cred, teaming up with Los Angeles rockers Warpaint for the clothing giant's new ‘Jeans Fall 2013’ TV commercial. The 30-second clip was directed by London-based photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, and it features the quartet rocking out a new, previously unreleased track called ‘Love Is to Die.’
KRS-One Drops Knowledge In NBA 2K14 Video Game Commercial
The great Sublime bandleader Bradley Nowell once sang, 'I know because of KRS-One,' and indeed, the Bronx rapper has taught us much over the years. These days, he's dropping knowledge on TV viewers across the land, as the new commercial for NBA 2K14 features his song 'Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight),' featuring Keva.
Escort Step Up for New DSW Commercial
It's become a cliche that women are obsessed with shoes. But the new DSW commercial, which features the song 'Starlight' by Escort, suggests men can be just as crazy about what they wear on their feet.

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