The Ramones' eponymously-titled 1976 debut studio album kicks off with the sound of a running circular saw, and then launches into a raging punk ditty with a tempo of nearly 180 beats per second, the fastest track on the disc. The Ramones were big horror movie fans and that influence would play out in the band's music numerous times over the years, so the fact that the very first recorded track of the band's recording career was inspired by one of the genres' biggest classics is not surprising.

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' which inspired the Ramones tune, is a 1974 slasher flick directed and produced by Tobe Hooper. Despite its 'R' rating (filmmakers had hoped for 'PG,' but it initially was rated 'X') and controversy regarding its extreme violence when released, the movie was able to convert its limited budget of less than $300,000 into a box office take of more than $30 million over the years, making it trail John Carpenter's 1978 release of 'Halloween' and its $47 million take as one of the most successful indie releases of all time.


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