It's been five years since British singer Charli XCX (aka Charlotte Aitchison) signed with Asylum Records, and her full-length debut album still has yet to drop, but at least we finally have a video for the first single, 'You (Ha Ha Ha),' which is due out Feb. 10. Helmed by Ryan Andrews, the clip was shot in a gun factory and features a bunch of skimpily dressed girls playing around with high-powered weapons. It sounds like the kind of video that would be banned from the airwaves, but luckily, the ladies are packing lipstick tubes, not hollow-point bullets.

"We'd been watching a lot of grindhouse movies, mostly with strong female leads like 'The Pom Pom Girls' and 'Coffy,' and there seemed to be a bizarre cross over from that genre of cinema and today's world of pop," Charli tells Pitchfork. "Shooting the video in a gun factory seemed like the perfect grindhouse setting for a kick ass, girl power story, with super pretty girls swapping the bullets for lipstick. Cute!"

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