Hear that? That's the fun, fresh and funky sound of 'Slyd' (pronounced "slide"), the latest track offered up by that band from Brooklyn, N.Y. that writes their name like "!!!" and pronounces it by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound, with "Chk Chk Chk" being the most common. 'Slyd' is off their forthcoming album, 'THR!!!ER,' which drops April 30.

'Slyd' is "a tribute to sample-based club-floor classics," reads a press release from the band, which adds that "rather than go through the process of clearing samples, they decided to craft their own 'samples' and cram them into a pumping, never static structure." Or more likely they just didn't want to go through the process of paying for samples, but we certainly understand. That stuff gets expensive.