London Town, a new coming-of-age film from director Derrick Borte that sets its protagonist's odyssey against the music of the Clash, has debuted a new trailer offering a better look at the movie — including a longer glimpse of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as frontman Joe Strummer.

As previously reported, the period drama stars Daniel Huttlestone as a boy whose relationship with his single father is strained after he heads out in search of his mother and discovers the punk scene, particularly through a love of the Clash. You can see Huttlestone's character catch the bug in the trailer embedded above, during a scene set on a train where he's sitting next to a girl listening to their music.

"London Town is a film about a boy coming of age, a journey of discovery, his love and obsession with the Clash and the relationship between him and his father. It's also about a father's desire to look after his son and how painful it is when those positions have to be reversed," said Dougray Scott, who plays Huttlestone's father, in an interview with Film Festivals. "It's a really sweet and simple story."

"This coming of age story is just a glimpse into a brief moment in the life of one young boy almost 40 years ago, set against the rise of punk and a backdrop of social, political, and racial unrest that is incredibly similar and relevant to what we see happening in the world today," added Borte in a press release. "I made London Town to illuminate the power that music has to change your life."

London Town is scheduled to arrive in theaters and on VOD services on Oct. 7.

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