Festival-goers flocked in record numbers to Coachella last weekend, eclipsing the previous attendance record by 10,000 maniacs, NBC Los Angeles reports. 

The Indio, Calif., rock 'n' roll carnival attracted 80,00-85,000 people every day, according to the local police department. Last year brought in a population of 70,000-75,000 and 2009 saw 60,000 per day.

Arrests were also up -- the cops detained 134 people this year, mostly in alcohol-related incidents, up from 48 arrests last year.

The second weekend starts today. We'll have to see if the crowds turn out equally. If this rate of a 10k increase per year continues, the festival will have as many residents as Knoxville, Tenn., in a decade. But that's doubtful.

Check out awesome performance videos of Florence + The Machine, the Hives, M83, and Wild Beasts from the first weekend of the festival in the meantime.