Drumroll, please. The first two acts confirmed to appear at the famed "can't miss" multi-weekend festival known as Coachella next spring have been revealed. While it's not the headliners or any major acts, it's good news for EDM fans. German electronic artist Paul Kalkbrenner and dubstepper Kill the Noise are set to perform at the festival.

Coachella will take place over two weekends (April 12 through April 14 and then April 19 through April 21) in the desert of Indio, Calif., and if these first two acts are any indication, EDM will be well represented.

According to Consequence of Sound, Kalkbrenner broke the news to Pure Volume, saying, "I will be at Coachella next year and I’m looking forward to that because I’ve never been there."

Let's hope his spilling of the beans doesn't have any repercussions and that he doesn't get booted for revealing the news himself. But then again, he could have gotten the go-ahead from festival organizers to share the information. You never know.

Kill the News, the project of Jake Stanczak, told Billboard that one of his bucket-list goals will be crossed off when he plays Coachella several months from now. He said that after enjoying his album's release, he would get "back to work and try to figure out what we’re going to do for Coachella."