Modest Mouse debuted a brand new track called 'Be Brave' during their Coachella performance on Friday, April 12. The track isn't like their breakthrough hit 'Float On,' so if you're one of those Modest Mouse fans, you'll be disappointed. If you're old school, you'll be pleased.

The diehards will appreciate the harsh, discordant delivery of Isaac Brock. The song boasts tambourines and a violin, and it's certainly not a goes-down-easy pop song. But it is loud and noisy. The fact that the band played at night only enhanced the cinematic drama -- check it out above and see what you think.

It's worth a mention that the band's set got cut short during the aforementioned 'Float On,' which closed their evening. As seen in the video below, the mics are cut after the two-and-a-half minute mark, but Modest Mouse gamely finished the song without the PA. They got an assist from the crowd, as well. Bravo, bravo.

Watch Modest Mouse Perform 'Float On' at Coachella

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