Ari Welkom's "neo-psychedelic indie rock with a hard rock edge" is a radio-friendly effort with a heavy dose of personality.

With L.A. as their homebase, Welkom's band, Cosmic Suckerpunch, just may have a chance at the big time. The quartet play accessible yet aggressive rock led by Welkom's clear, masculine vocal execution, and unlike a lot of their contemporaries, they're masters at drastically shifting the attitude in their songs. From snotty to nerdy to solemn and beyond, they run he entire gamut of emotions genuinely and effectively.

"Love starting our set with ['That Voice'] on tour," Welkom told "When that riff gets going and the drums and bass drop in, I always felt ready to kick some ass."

Be sure and check out the rest of the CS record for the full experience -- shredding solos, ballads and all. You can catch 'That Voice' below, and keep up with the guys here.

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