There are some bands that, once they break up, you know they probably won't be getting back together, like the Smiths or the Sex Pistols. Hüsker Dü are one of those bands.

And yet, it appears the long-dormant relationship between band members Bob Mould (vocals-guitar), Greg Norton (bass) and Grant Hart (drums) might be rekindling. The band are, according to Norton, "looking to get a foothold back in the business."

The trio have hired Meat Puppets manager Dennis Pelowski, launched a website to sell band merch, and are even setting about launching an official Facebook page, which they have apparently not had until now.

So is the band getting back together? “There are more moving parts than we’d like to deal with, but we’ll see what happens,” Norton told the Minneapolis StarTribune. For what its worth, Mould didn't seem into the idea a year ago. "Husker Du was a great band but there’s no need to get together and play music,” he said. “Everyone went their own ways in early 1988. Some things can’t be replicated, and those eight years are best left untarnished.”

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