Courtney Love isn't perfect, nor is her catalog of music. But the oeuvre certainly is an intriguing one. We've ranked her albums, both with Hole and her lone solo record, in order of awesomeness below.

Born Courtney Michelle Harrison, Love has long worn her Celebrity Skin like a glove — attending high-society parties, wowing on red carpets, releasing her own fashion lines and even co-conceiving a graphic novel. Before marrying Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and Hole came to alternative rock prominence, she played bit parts in cult-classic films such as Sid & Nancy. She scratched, writhed and smashed her way into the limelight.

Beyond the tabloid fodder, though, she was one of the most fiery, uncontainable singers of the '90s. (We say was because a Love album these days is a rare commodity. Either with Hole or as a solo act, she's only released two albums since 1998.) She would crowd surf as though her life depended on it. She would snarl and masticate lyrics like “I want to be the girl with the most cake” — a theme of domination that would carry her through her entire career. She would scream and shred just as well as the boys of the grunge era, with a hard-living edge.

There are the undeniable classics (what ’90s riot grrrl didn’t own Live Through This?), the embryonic petri dishes of sound (Hole's debut Pretty on the Inside) and the stunted works (Daughter among them). Read below to begin.

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