After two decades of feuding, it looks like Courtney Love and Dave Grohl have officially become friends. At least that's what she said on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (Nov. 18).

"We used to really like each other," Love told the late night host (video above). "And then there was 20 years when we sued each other. And then we stopped. And then the other night we started talking about this actress' boobs. We'd both seen them and they were really the sexiest boobs in Hollywood, yeah. He'd seen them, and I'd seen them. And we picked up where we left off after 20 years of suing each other."

She continues to reassure everyone that they really are on good terms. "We're cool. We're totally tight. And if you can give up a grudge like that because there was a lot of crap that went on, I think anyone can do it."

And when asked if she'd ever collaborate with the Foo Fighters, she pointed to the old Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers classic: "'Islands in the Stream' -- me and Dave Grohl. Isn't it a good idea?"

Jimmy also asked about how her daughter, Frances Bean, who now lives two blocks away from the Hole frontwoman. While she doesn't normally stop by Frances' pad, Love also admitted that she does "Shonda Rhimes night" with her to watch 'Scandal,' which inspired Kimmel to tell her to audition for the show.

"If Shonda Rhimes is paying attention, that would be very nice," he said.

The interview also delved into Love's acting career and why she never got the roles she really wanted. "Let's be real," she pointed out. "I had a really big nose and that schnoz isn't taking me anywhere."

Watch more from the Kimmel interview below:

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