Courtney Love doesn't require much to set her off, but if you throw a beer can at her while she's performing on-stage, it's like presenting her with an engraved invitation to threaten your life.

One fan found that out the hard way during Love's show in Australia last week. According to the Daily Mail, the 50 year-old Love unleashed one of her trademark profanity-laced tirades after she watched a male audience member hurl a beer can at her.

"In 20 years, no one's thrown a beer can at me except for you f---er,' she said. "You wanna go back? You wanna f---ing f--- me up?"

She then proceeded to use mostly four-letter words while detailing all of the ways she would make the fan pay.

"What a piece of s---," she continued. Motioning to her lead guitarist, Micko Larkin, she said, "Throw a beer can at my Micko, I will f---ing kill you. Throw it at me next time. We'll have fun."

Check out the video below: