Courtney Love's been doing a pretty good job on staying on the comeback trail lately, publicly burying the hatchet with Dave Grohl, releasing her best song in years, the ferocious 'You Know My Name,' even talking about reviving her acting career and getting Hole back together.

But even older, wiser, sober Courtney Love still has a penchant for saying things in interviews that make you wonder if crazier Courtney Love is fully in check.

Love's latest interview quote bomb: Reflecting on Nirvana's recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Australia's, Love commented, "Kiss had to wait 18 years after they were eligible, but Nirvana get in the second they were, probably because Kurt died. If he didn’t die, maybe not, but you can’t really speculate about that."

Now to be fair, Love may actually have a point, and in the context of a fuller interview, her comments might seem less insensitive. Still, it's hard for any Nirvana fan to read that quote and not a wince a little. Love, of all people, should know better than to talk about Cobain's death as if it were a good career move.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Love expressed interest in collaborating with Miley Cyrus or Lana Del Rey, and said she's been on a diet as part of her renewed interest in acting.

"They will forgive you all the drugs in the world," Love said, who's been sober for seven years, "but they will never forgive you getting fat."

Here's the video for 'You Know My Name':