Earlier this week, Courtney Love had an issue with Bruce Springsteen and his saxophones. In a feature on her very own YouTube channel called 'Love on Love,' she said, "My Springsteen problem is just that saxophones don't belong in rock 'n' roll." She summed up: "They just don't belong."

After eyebrows were raised and heads were scratched in regard to Love's tirade against brass instruments, she deleted the post. Maybe the ghost of Clarence Clemons paid her a visit with news that he was working with her late husband on a new project. Or maybe she put on a Roxy Music record and gave sax a chance. Who knows ...

But Love isn't finished making new friends yet. In a new interview with the Quiteus, Miss World said about her writing process: "Well, you sit and you write, like, Queens of the Stone Age drudge for a month, and it's just not happening, and it's not happening -- not that Queens of the Stone Age suck, but people expect a lot more from me."

She continued to dish out the left-handed compliments. "Josh Homme can play, like, four notes on his bass, and people take off their tops," said the woman who used to take off her top in concert. "But I have a higher bar for whatever reason. It has to be just f---ing really really good."

Love also talked about her strict dating code of no tattoos on her suitors, and brought up the Boss yet again, pointed out that she once dated a billionaire, "Just to say I did it later." Her issue with Daddy Warbucks? He was "into Springsteen." But it's OK, Love assured us, putting our minds to rest. "You know what? Most American people without tattoos are into Springsteen."

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