Actor and comedian Creed Bratton is best known for his uproarious roll on 'The Office,' but this May, he returns to his first love: songwriting.

As a founder of the popular group the Grass Roots in the '60s, Bratton saw moderate success with hits like 'Let's Live For Today' and 'Midnight Confessions.' He left the band in '70 and subsequently released six solo records, and on May 21, he returns with the folky, psychedelic-tinged 'Tell Me About It,' his first album since 2010. Based on the awesome cover, it appears he lets his humor seep into creative outlets beyond acting.

"Vance DeGeneres and I wrote this song about a young couple taking their first acid trip at a party," Bratton says of the single 'Faded Spats,' today's free MP3. "The anticipation of what was going to happen, will it be a spiritual trip or could it go wrong? All in all, it's an eye-opener ... also a third eye opener ... revelations are made and they don't want to go back to the fake world the next day ... but they have to."

Keep tabs on Bratton over at his official website.

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