Each and every day, Diffuser.fm gives away a free MP3, and given our eclectic tastes, we strive for sonic diversity. Today, it might be eerie, dreary darkwave; tomorrow, it's shiny-happy electro-pop, complete with cheerleader-chant vocals. You never know what you're gonna get, and now, we're asking you to tell us what you like best and vote in our Crucial Cut of the Month competition. The contest allows you, the listener, to pick your favorite free MP3 from the last month and possibly help your favorite artist gain some notoriety.

Here's the gist: On the first of every month, we post a poll like the one below. Listed here is every song we gave away during April 2013. You have all of May to cast your ballots, and on June 1 -- when we unveil the next poll -- we'll announce the top vote-getter. What do they get? Good old-fashioned satisfaction, we suspect, but that's not all. Diffuser.fm will profile each Crucial Cut winner with a Q&A feature, and throughout the month, we'll promote their music on our homepage and via social networks. We might not make you a superstar, but we'll probably send a few listeners in your direction.

Check out the full list of April 2013 downloads below, and be sure to click on the artists' names to view their individual posts, read their back-stories and, most importantly, listen to their songs. Voting ends at 11:59PM EST on May 31. Good luck to all of the artists.