Some artists create sonic atmospheres, and like the ones that exist in nature, these atmospheres are capable of both sustaining and destroying life.

The ones made by Tokyo's Cuushe do the former, and she's been nurturing some strange and beautiful worlds through her music, especially on 'Butterfly.'

Listening to the single -- due to appear on Cuushe's forthcoming album, 'Butterfly Case' -- is like stepping into an alien world where all beings are made of glass and beams of light. The version we're giving away as today's MP3 is a remix by Kidsuke, and it's rife with a kind of digital mysticism. It swims around the Japanese singer's original work like an electric eel covered in chimes, bit-crushing everything it touches.

"Butterflies are very symbolic to me, which is why they appear in both the album title and song," Cuushe tells "'Butterfly' is perhaps my indie rock/shoegaze oriented direction. I wanted to make a song that was both simple and optimistic."

"I'm very excited that Kidsuke have reworked this track," she adds. "I met them in Berlin and I love their humour and pretty sounds."

If you're a fan Lykke Li and Little Dragon, you'll love Cuushe. Download the remix via the button below.

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