Some jackass, or crew of jackasses, spray painted all over a mural dedicated to former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl over the weekend.

The mural, located on what's known as Grohl Alley, is part of an art display in Grohl's hometown of Warren, Ohio, honoring the grunge legend.

The unknown jackass, or jackasses, didn't factor in that the city was smart enough to put up cameras around the display. In an interview with news station WKBN, Joe O'Grady, who is credited with getting the homage installed, said that the damage was extensive. But he's confident he'll find the culprits.

“There’s some good video of this taking place, so I am very happy about that," O'Grady said. You can watch the video above.

O'Grady is eager to find the culprits and dole out some "unique" punishment. In a quote that doesn't at all sound weird or creepy, O'Grady said, “We’re going to make the punishment fit the crime on this one. We’re going to think of something very unique for this individual. If he needs attention, we are going to give him attention." Hmmm ...

We shudder to think what the overzealous project leader has in mind. Hopefully, O'Grady won't attempt some after-school-special sort of outreach.