A big-screen biopic titled 'Lust For Life' that will delve into the time David Bowie and Iggy Pop spent together in West Berlin in the '70s is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Gabriel Range ('Death of a President') has signed on to direct, and Robin French (BBC comedy series 'Cuckoo') wrote the screenplay. Brit team Altered Image and Berlin's Egoli Tossell Film are on board to co-produce.

"[Lust for Life] is not a traditional rock biopic, for no one dies at the end," Egoli Tossell said in a statement, which goes on to describe '70s Berlin as the film's central character -- a divided city that drew artists, political activists and party people from the world over.

Bowie and Pop relocated to West Berlin in the '70s, a creatively fertile time for both that led to Bowie's trilogy of 'Low,' 'Heroes' and 'Lodger' albums, plus Pop's 'The Idiot' and, of course, 'Lust for Life.' The producers will be pitching the 'Lust for Life' film to international buyers at the European Film Market this week in Berlin.