Rather than attend last night's Mercury Prize ceremony, where U.K. tastemakers deemed James Blake's 'Overgrown' the album of the year, David Bowie sent along a brand-new video for James Murphy's remix of 'Love Is Lost,' due out on Nov. 5 as part of 'The Next Day Extra,' an expanded edition of the comeback record he dropped earlier this year. Shot by Bowie himself, the clip features a pair of puppets -- one a wooden doppelganger -- from the rocker's personal collection, and it's said to have set him back a mere $12.99, the cost of a USB stick.

The 'Love Is Lost' video arrives at a good time, as it's a "strangely moving gothic inflected story line perfect for Halloween," according to a spot-on press release. As for the song, Murphy scores another winner with his signature suave thump, giving Bowie's bummed-out track some welcome bounce.

In addition to Murphy's remix and another by Venetian, 'The Next Day Extra' includes four new songs, all of which are streaming now, and a DVD with four videos. Bowie has yet to tour behind the album, but Pixies singer Frank Black recently volunteered his group to back the icon should he put down the puppets and hit the road.