Update 10/26: According to a representative for Bowie, previous reports about the content of the album are not confirmed. All that is sure: The single will be released on Nov. 20 and isn’t part of Bowie’s theatre piece Lazarus. The album will be released Jan. 8.

According to the Times of London, David Bowie will soon release a brand-new album dubbed Blackstar. The LP is due out Jan. 8, which also happens to be the iconic rocker’s 69th birthday.

Blackstar was recorded at the Magic Shop in New York City with local jazz musicians. The Times, which cites a source close to Bowie, describes the album as “long, jazzy jams mixed with the kind of driving beat pioneered by Seventies German bands Can and Kraftwerk.” Likewise, that same source called the album “completely bonkers” and Bowie’s “oddest work yet.”

The album will span seven songs in all, including the 10-minute title track. The Times reports that “Blackstar” incorporates “Gregorian chants, a soul section, various electronic beats and bleeps and Bowie’s distinctive vocals.”

That song appears in the title sequence for the forthcoming British crime drama The Last Panthers. You can hear an excerpt in the trailer up above. The series will make its debut on Sky Atlantic on Nov. 12 in the U.K.

“Blackstar” is also featured in Lazarus, the Off-Broadway play co-written by Bowie and Enda Walsh. Bowie scored the show, which is based on the 1976 film adaptation of Walter Tevis’ book, The Man Who Fell to Earth, which starred Bowie in the lead role. This time, Michael C. Hall will take on that character, when the play starts previews on Nov. 18 followed by opening night on Dec. 7.

Bowie most recently dropped The Next Day in 2013, which marked his first album in a decade.