Whether you're a fan of the format or not, there's no ignoring the resurgence of vinyl over recent years. While not every artist has embraced this new -- but very old -- way of thinking, many have, and it's been to their benefit (just ask Jack White).

U.K. singer-songwriter David Gray is one such artist. He's been making music for over 20 years and is celebrating the release of his 10th studio album, 'Mutineers,' which is available as a double-LP in a beautiful gatefold jacket.

"That's where I come from. When I was a kid, I held records in my hands and looked at them and stared at them under the sounds of them," Gray tells us in an exclusive interview all about vinyl. "They sound so different than digital versions." When it comes to the vinyl edition of 'Mutineers,' that different sound isn't just the quality. Side C opens with the bonus track 'Nearly Midnight' that didn't make the cut for the standard version. "Each side really, really works as a run of songs," he explains. "It breaks the music up, it tells the story in a different way."

Gray goes on about 'Nearly Midnight': "It got cut right at the last minute, literally 10 minutes into mastering the record we decided to let go of the song, but it went on to appear on the vinyl pressing in its original position. I love it."

It's an odd turn of events; as society evolves more and more into an on-demand digital culture, the desire for a tangible product like a vinyl record also increases. "If given the option, I will aways take [vinyl]. It doesn't float around invisibly in your computer and then in your ears," Gray succinctly states. "The whole process is much more tactile and real, you actually hold the object that makes the music."

To Gray, it's obvious why this vinyl resurgence is taking place. "I think it sounds great, it looks great and it feels great," he says. "I guess it's a luxury today, but there is a larger market than there was, which is good. There are people who are bothered to buy it. I feel it's a box that needs to be ticked when recording."

'Mutineers' is housed in a high-quality gatefold jacket and includes a colorful, double-sided lyric sheet along with the two 180-gram black discs. Additionally -- since it's not always convenient to take your turntable on the morning commute -- a full digital download is packed in the jacket. Whether you've been following Gray's career since his debut album, 'A Century Ends,' or are just getting into his music thanks to the new record, 'Mutineers' is a vinyl release you'll want to add to your stack.

The double-LP of David Gray's 'Mutineers' is available now via Good Soldier Songs; pick it up at your local record shop or find it here.

David Gray, 'Mutineers'