Vince Clarke, the keyboard player who helped found Depeche Mode before going on to achieve lasting acclaim as a member of Yaz and Erasure, made headlines last year when he purchased a $2.8 million loft in New York City -- and now he's making them all over again with his new (and even pricier) home.

Clarke came by his latest digs courtesy of J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, who put her townhouse on the market after going through a divorce. And unlike most post-divorce property sales, which only end after many months of lowering asking prices, paying for surprise repairs, and shedding tears, Lyons' concluded with Clarke cutting her a check for a cool $4 million -- up from the original asking price of $3.75 million.

Of course, most homes aren't posh enough to get their own spread in Ology, so it's no surprise that Lyons was able to walk away with a little extra cash in her pocket. And it's all part of a big year for Clarke, who's currently riding high as half of VCMG, his duo project with former Depeche Mode bandmate Martin Gore.