She may be just 17 years old, but Diamante sure doesn't sound like someone you should mess with. On the raging 'Bite Your Kiss,' she turns a solid guitar rocker into a girl-power anthem for 2014.

"The development of the song was really care-free," the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Boston-based singer tells us. "I didn't go into the session with a specific concept, but once I heard how hot the guitar riffs were, I knew the song had to be bold. I wanted to write a song that would provoke, excite and even rattle people."

Give a listen to 'Bite Your Kiss,' an exclusive premiere, below:

The young rocker says the song was used as a gauge to help steer the direction of her career. "When we were writing the song, I told the producer that I wanted to be an animal," she says. "The rest flowed so easily after, because I wasn't trying to play a part, I was just being honest."

From the initial blast of guitar feedback at the top of the song to the hi-hat rhythm that drives it, 'Bite Your Kiss' is all about throwing punches -- hard and fast. "I'm switching up the order / I'm on top / That's my position / I eat 'em up / I spit 'em out / I got a bad condition," Diamante sings.

The song recently hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Singles chart based on pre-orders alone. Quite an achievement for someone still in her teens. Expect a video for 'Bite Your Kiss' to drop sometime later this summer, after it's firmly planted in everyone's ears.

"It's definitely not the typical music video that people would expect," Diamante says. "The video was shot during two live performance nights, and hardly anything was planned or scripted. People will see sides to me they haven't seen before."