Elvis Costello said it best: "Radio is a sound salvation." Of course, he was being facetious, bagging on the '70s-era BBC for censoring playlists, but if he'd had access to Diffuser.fm's brand-new online radio station, he'd have been 100 percent sincere.

Click "listen live" in the top right-hand corner of your screen and check out our mix of modern faves (the xx, M83, Purity Ring, Santigold), enduring '90s and '00s heroes (Coldplay, Ben Folds, Nada Surf, the Shins) and alt-rock godheads (the Jam, Joy Division, the Replacements, Mission of Burma and, of course, Elvis Costello).

Stick around long enough, and you'll even hear Bob Marley and the Velvet Underground -- though not jamming together, sadly.

Like the Ramones -- yet another band we're proud to feature  -- we remember rock 'n' roll radio, and we're bringing it to you absolutely free. Happy listening.

(Diffuser.fm Radio is also available via the mobile app radioPup. Click here to download.)