With the impending premiere of Montage of Heck on HBO (May 4), the entire world is buzzing about the life -- and death -- of Kurt Cobain. We here at Diffuser are among the many sites who get excited when new clips surface, detailing the many intricacies of the iconic rock stars' persona.

But after sharing so many of these clips, a few of us started talking about what we were doing: Are we keeping the legend alive or simply plundering his grave? Twenty years later and we're still turning over rocks to find the next 15-second clip of Cobain acting like, well, a rock star. Are there actually stories here, or are we being ghoulish?

So rather than keeping the conversation amongst ourselves, we decided to take to Diffuser Radio; on Episode 005, we put together a roundtable featuring Chuck ArmstrongTim Karan, James Stafford and Jeff Giles to examine this very topic.

You can listen to the episode below via Soundcloud, or subscribe to Diffuser Radio at iTunes:

Make sure to keep us posted on what you want to hear: Are there any topics you think the roundtable should pick apart? Any artists you want us to interview? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

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