Hyper-intense U.K. post-punks Eagulls have frontman George Mitchell's grandfather's webbed toes to thank for their victory in this week's Diffuser Top 10 video countdown. As Mitchell told Spin earlier this month, 'Tough Luck,' the lead single from the band's forthcoming full-length debut, derives from a poem called 'Thalidomide Poem,' all about the once-common drug responsible for giving the old man his funky feet.

Eagulls' eerie black-and-white 'Tough Luck' clip narrowly beat the Killers' glossy 'Just Another Girl,' which topped the chart last week and marked a continuation the Vegas foursome's dominance of this contest. Rounding out this week's Top 5 are Danish psych-rockers Birth of Joy, Brooklyn ragers Big Ups and alt-rock lifers Sponge.

Check out the full Top 10 below -- then be sure to vote for next week's winners via the poll on the right side of your screen. Just to freshen things up, we've sliced out some of the older videos and added a pair of new ones: Disclosure's colorful prison romp 'Voices' and Yuck's sleepy ode to air travel 'Somewhere.' You're allowed to vote once per hour until Friday, Jan. 3, at 11AM EST, so come back often and get your friends to do likewise.

  • 10


    'Start Freaking Out'
  • 9

    Juan Wauters

    'Sanity Or Not'
  • 8

    The Coup

    'Long Island Iced Tea'
  • 7

    La Luz

    'Big Big Blood'
  • 6

    Daft Punk

    'Lose Yourself to Dance'
  • 5


    'Come In From the Rain'
  • 4

    Big Ups

    'Go Black'
  • 3

    Birth of Joy

    'Three Day Road'
  • 2

    The Killers

    'Just Another Girl'
  • 1


    'Tough Luck'