U.K. outfit Dinosaur Pile-Up offer a fresh and earnest take on the pop-punk of the early aughts. The trio formed in 2007 and dropped their debut album, ‘Growing Pains,' soon after. Now they’re back with its follow-up, ‘Nature Nurture,’ which lands in the U.S. later this year.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of New Found Glory, Dinosaur Pile-Up reanimate yesterday's pop-punk sound by infusing grungy guitars and drums and poppy vocals. Hear it for yourself in our exclusive premiere of ‘You Drive Your Car’ (stream below).

Frontman Matt Bigland opens the tune with a steady delivery, and while the song initially promises to be a rather lackadaisical ride, it turns into a sing-along anthem, replete with “ohs" and "yeahs." It sounds like a feelgood road-trip song to us, but Bigland says he doesn’t care what Dinosaur Pile-Up’s music makes you feel, so long as you feel something.

“Good, bad, whatever," he tells Diffuser.fm. "I wanted to drag whatever was inside of me kicking and screaming and dump it on the tape, so that whoever’s listening to it can feel the same."