NYC experimental indie rockers the Dirty Projectors have released a video for ‘Impregnable Question.’ It’s the sixth and final clip to come from their latest album, ‘Swing Lo Magellan,’ which arrived in July. After watching this thing, you might find the Projectors’ ‘Impregnable Question’ is just as impregnable as it was before.

Nevertheless, the new video is certainly a sight to be seen, as it follows a runner's (portrayed by director Adam Newport-Berra’s brother) winding journey through stunning Yellowstone National Park landscapes. His long-distance jaunt seems to be a peaceful affair before it takes a strange turn — so to speak — and we’re introduced to a girl lugging two buckets of what appears to be Mountain Dew.

The two appear to be on different paths until they quite literally converge in front of an Albertsons grocery store. What seems to be a passionate reunion as they run toward each other is cut off, leaving the runner alone once more.

Were the two really reunited? Did he just really want some Mountain Dew? Would that really be the appropriate thing to rehydrate with after a strenuous run through Yellowstone? Needles to say, the Projectors’ new clip leaves us with more questions than it answers.