Dispatch have been active on an off-and-on basis for the better part of the past 10 years or so, and over the weekend, the group debuted a new track, "Bound by Love," their first new material in three years. Listen to it below.

The recording process of light, sing-along song was done in a real hurry, as Dispatch frontman Chad Stokes Urmston told Billboard:

[Dispatch guitarist] Bradley [Corrigan] egged me on while we were talking and said ask him if he knows anyone who could sing back up. We felt so lucky, in a world where it never seems like things just fall into place. There we were, almost like it was raining these wonderful people and spaces into our day and if we were open and grateful the magic would continue. With Bradley's melodic bass thumping along and Pete's deep pocket, I skank across the top of it and where there is room the girls [Nilusha Dassenaike and Kathy Hinch] voices swim their way in.

We finished up the vocals the night we played our first headliner in Melbourne, literally singing the last harmony and running into a cab and then going directly on stage... the whole thing felt like a dream.

The song is attached to their "Dispatch: Hunger" concerts, which will raise awareness about the hunger problem in the U.S. and will be their only North American shows in 2015. The original show is set to take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 11, and Jon Butler Trio will open; due to overwhelming demand, a second show with Dispatch and Dr. Dog is scheduled for Friday, July 10. You can grab details on the shows here.

Listen to Dispatch's "Bound by Love"