When they first started, Dronen amassed a seemingly never-ending catalog of new music, but most of those songs never got past the demo stage and their trusty 4-track cassette recorder. One day, the southern California alt rockers finally had enough cash to enter the studio, and they knocked out four songs in four hours, creating their offiical debut EP.

As time has passed, the band’s presence continues to grow -- and their fan base right along with it -- all leading up to the release of their latest EP, ‘284 Days.’ Set to hit the streets in February, today (Jan. 16) Diffuser is beyond thrilled to give you a taste of what to expect with the brand new track, ‘Lights Out.’ Check it out in the audio player below.

“I wrote this song entirely in my head while sitting in a car,” frontman Daniel Olivas tells us. “I couldn’t wait to get home and figure out the chords! We’ve always loved the raw energy of playing ‘Lights Out’ live, and I really think we captured a lot of that energy in the recording, which isn’t always easy.”

He goes on, “It’s a song about those times when you start getting a little too big for your britches and then life gives you a good slap in the face to cut you back down to size.”

Drummer Carlos Chevez adds, “This is one of my favorites to play live, which says a lot because we’re every bit a ‘live’ band. Consciousness of what I’m playing goes out the window about halfway through and I end up on a huge cathartic high at the last note.

And as bassist Victor Aguilar eloquently puts it: “This is a song built on a killer groove. My upper lip curs every time we play it.”

Make sure to stay tuned for the latest on everything happening in Dronen's world, and keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming EP, '284 Days,' set for release next month. In the meantime, check out their official website here, and enjoy the trailer for the new disc below: