Patrick Duniven's band plays mature, almost affluent Americana-folk that evokes the spirit of classic rock heroes. The residue of CSNY's influence is clear; Neil Diamond and Springsteen, too. But this local cult-hero strategically avoids regurgitating their styles, putting his own spin on the scene.

Today we're offering Duniven's new single 'Wouldn't You Know,' a standout track from his latest effort, as a free MP3 download.

"'Wouldn't You Know' is the last song I wrote for the EP a week before we recorded it. I had all the songs chosen, but when this one came to me, I knew it was special," Duniven tells "Musically, it's kind of hard to tell where it came from ... It feels kinda cliche to say, but I really just heard the sounds as I was going to sleep and got back up, writing most of the music and arrangements by sun rise. I will say the major 6th in the chorus is very distinctive; your ears know some irregular is happening when they hear it, and that [major 6th] is a technique I learned from Beck. 'Lord Only Knows' who he learned it from."

"The next day I went to Malibu to write the lyrics," he adds. "I wrote the second verse first, but for some reason, I knew it was supposed to be the second verse, and then I shaped the rest of the images in the song around that."

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