If that seething open letter to nostalgia-loving "beach bands" they posted earlier this year made them seem a touch persnickety, British post-punk fivesome Eagulls are actually a fun-loving lot. That sort of translates in their music, as the recent single 'Nerve Endings' has a wild-eyed vitality that offsets the darkness and anxiety of the lyrics, and it's even more apparent in the playlist of party jams bassist and sometime DJ Tom Kelly made especially for Diffuser.fm. Scroll down to hear 10 tracks Kelly might spin if you invite him to your place and give him control of the stereo, and if you're in New York City this week, be sure to catch the lads in action at CMJ. (Schedule here.)

  • 1

    'Cat People (Putting Out a Fire)'

    David Bowie
    "What is this? 'Atmosphere' by Joy Division?"
    "No, mate. It's f---ing BOWIE!"
  • 2


    The Fall
    Evil dirty bass line. Class.
  • 3

    'Dig Lazarus Dig'

    Nick Cave
    "Who's this, Nick Cave?"
    "Yeah, it's Nick Cave, mate."
  • 4

    'Sweet Like Chocolate'

    Shanks and Bigfoot
    Van Banger, wkd naughties vid.
  • 5

    'Sister Midnight'

    Iggy Pop
    "Bowie at his best!"
    "Naa it's f---ing Iggy, mate!"
    "Bowie 'n all, innit?"
    "Aye, maybe"
  • 6

    'Never Met a Girl Like You Before'

    Edwyn Collins
    Everyone loves this s---. Played at Brudenell last year. What a banger!
  • 7

    'Complete Control'

    The Clash

    Everyone loves the Clash, but this song in my opinion sounds completely different to any other song on the first album. For this reason, it's one of my favourites.

  • 8

    'Walking on Broken Glass'

    Annie Lennox

    Beacons Festival flashbacks, the health and safety was shocking, my feet cut to shreds. Turns out I was walking on broken glass. Who'd have guessed!

  • 9

    'Everything's Gone Green'

    New Order
    Stands the tests of time. One of my most played, but the hairs on the back of my neck still stand up when the guitar riff kicks in.
  • 10


    Great song, I like the stock footage in the video n all, bleak.