So much for youthful optimism. On 'Tough Luck,' the prickly lead single from their much-anticipated self-titled debut album, Eagulls do to post-collegiate hope and exuberance what seagulls do to cars after pecking on discarded burritos at the beach. Only these U.K. post-punkers splatter more artfully, raising expectations for an LP they've announced will drop on March 4 via Partisan Records.

"We’re all more pessimistic, more jaded, more cynical,” guitarist Mark "Goldy" Goldsworthy says in a press release, promising a full-length filled with even more vitriol than was heard on the spiky early singles 'Council Flat Blues' and 'Nerve Endings.'

“When you finish uni, you’ve got optimism and you think everything’s going to be alright," he adds. "You think you’ll just take a shit job in a shop and you’ll only have to do it for a while but then you’re still there a year later."

Luckily for Eagulls, they're not "still there." The lads from Leeds reportedly quit their day jobs before playing SXSW earlier this year, and after a series of mega-hyped shows at CMJ, the fivesome is ready to rain down gloomy hardcore-strength Joy Division-esque noise-bombs on the complacent public.