Based in Brooklyn -- but hailing from the depths of inner-space and the far reaches of the cosmos -- Earworms crafted loud, fast and ear-piercing rock and roll with their debut self-titled disc in 2014. Today (April 15), Diffuser is thrilled to continue the celebration of that album with the brand new music video for “Monkey ET” -- check it out and crank it up above.

“If it’s possible to see that everything is cyclical in nature, the idea of linear time goes out the window,” the band tells us. “This is the energy that fueled writing ‘Monkey ET’ and making this video.”

If you’re curious about the title of the track, Earworms say it conveys the idea that “there’s a bigger story at play on Earth. Consciousness is going through a cycle of forget/remember. Western science claims we evolved from Earth apes, yet indigenous cultures all say the same thing: We are not from here, we are from the stars. Maybe the entire sky is the family tree. Maybe we’re Monkey ET?”

The video perfectly captures the raw energy of Earworms while expressing the sentiments of the song. “The footage of shamans dancing is parallel to what we do musically,” they explain. “It’s our way of connecting and expanding ourselves.”

The music video was edited by Josh Carothers and the band, while the Suburbia live footage was shot by Emmanuel V. Cruz II and all other live footage shot by Jodi Maestas Carothers.

You can pick up your copy of Earworms' debut LP here, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world -- including an upcoming gig at the Acheron in Brooklyn in May at this location.