Pearl Jam frontman and ukulele enthusiast Eddie Vedder recently played a solo show in Portugal, and we guess Cat Power happened to be in town that night. After a long, kinda funny speech, Vedder brought out Cat Power to sing the classic 'Tonight You Belong to Me.'

The two of them have sang this duet before -- for Vedder's solo album, 'Ukelele Songs.' Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, joined Vedder onstage wearing an outfit that must've been conceived as an homage to the '90s: a tattered, oversized Wu-Tang Clan T-shirt and an equally oversized black and red flannel. Either it was an homage, or she just grabbed whatever was clean from the floor of her tour bus.

This is the second duet Cat Power's done recently. She teamed up with Coldplay's Chris Martin to sing on the soundtrack for the upcoming film 'Wish I Was Here.'

And while we definitely like Vedder and Cat Power's duet, this version is still the best.

peaarl Jam

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