Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder paid a visit to the Ramones Museum in Berlin last week, accompanied by his guitar tech. He spent a few hours sharing stories, thoughts and memories about the late Johnny Ramone and other members. But perhaps most interesting is the touching, handwritten note Vedder left at the site.

In today's digital age, when no one seems to put pen to paper to communicate much anymore, Vedder's note (and somewhat flawless handwriting) is incredibly poignant.

According to the museum's official Facebook page, Vedder's visit, which came while he was on tour with Pearl Jam, was " a very special night for everyone involved, an emotional rollercoaster, a mental trip to ancient times, involving hilarious anecdotes, pure joy, fun, sadness, nostalgia and a unique, genuine, ever present love for THE RAMONES -- a band that shaped not only ours, but so many people's lives in so many countries all over the world."

The hand-penned note was short and sweet, with Vedder musing about the Ramones in general, dubbing them "the wave that is all breaking, all the time." He also addressed Johnny Ramone no longer being with us. It referred to Johnny as his friend, reading: "Wish you were here ... Then again, you are."

Eddie Vedder effectively reminded us that Johnny Ramone's legacy lives on his music.

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