It’s not everyday an internationally-acclaimed rock star keeps a 22-year-old promise to a fan, but that’s exactly happened when Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder took a photo with fan Joe Wolfe at their recent stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Twenty-two years ago, Wolfe saw Pearl Jam play Bogarts in Cincinnati -- a club that opened its doors in 1905 and has a capacity of 1,500. During their time in Cincinnati, Wolfe ran into the band at a local movie theater.

As he tells us about the initial 1992 encounter: “I ran into [Vedder] and the band when they all went to the theater to see ‘Wayne’s World.’ There weren’t camera phones back then and he said he would do a picture with me the next time I saw him.”

So in 2014, when Wolfe ran into Vedder again in Cincinnati ahead of their show at U.S. Bank Arena (capacity of 18,000), he explained the story. For whatever reason, the iconic frontman opted not to take the picture.

The story doesn’t end there, though.

After the concert, according to Wolfe, Vedder invited him over to shake his hand and snap a photo (he also got an autograph and a guitar pick). Vedder thanked him for being a part of the show that night.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry: Vedder actually talked about the entire situation during the show, and explains why he didn’t take the picture with Wolfe initially (he thought he stole his joint at Bogarts 22 years ago!). The story starts around the 1:37 mark:

After selling nearly 60 million records across the world, it's refreshing to get a story like this; Pearl Jam haven't forgotten where they come from -- they still honor promises made to fans decades ago, and they're still pissed at that guy who ripped off their joint!

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