Even if you've never been to Los Angeles' Silverlake neighborhood, you've most likely seen one of its most distinctive landmarks — the mural that adorns the cover of Elliott Smith's Figure 8 LP. It's seen a lot of changes over the years, as has the building it covers, and it'll undergo a major one over the upcoming weeks when a portion is cut away to make room for the window of a new bar moving into the spot.

Eater (via Consequence of Sound) reports on the renovations currently underway in the building, which is on target for a grand reopening in January of 2017. And although Smith fans may regard the news as something of an affront to a spot that's evolved into a pilgrimage site since his untimely death in 2003, the new business owners intend to honor his legacy in their own way.

In fact, the name of the new venue, Bar Angeles, is a nod to Smith's "Angeles," a song recorded for his 1997 Either/Or LP. And plans reportedly call for the piece of the mural that's being cut out for the window to be moved inside, where it'll serve as part of the decor. Perhaps most importantly, Eater describes the vision for Bar Angeles as "not a rowdy kind of bar," but instead "a place for the neighborhood to drink amongst friends."

As Smith fans are aware, the mural has had its share of ups and downs since his death. A group calling themselves the Punk Rock Marthas made headlines in 2012 when they mounted a restoration effort, using recycled paper, handwritten lyrics, and assorted Smith-related objects to clean up years of graffiti and neglect.

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