Following a decade and three full-length records with Fourth of July, singer-songwriter Brendan Hangauer hit the road to Oakland, Calif. to set his sights on a solo career. Teaming up with Papercuts' Jason Quever, Hangauer is celebrating his first-ever solo record under the moniker Empty Moon, 'The Shark.' To help with the celebrations, Diffuser is thrilled to partner with Empty Moon for the premiere of the music video for 'Dear Life' -- check it out above.

Hangauer is front-and-center throughout the video, and even dons a Kansas Jayhawks basketball jersey, giving a much-appreciated nod to his hometown of Lawrence. His Jeff Tweedy-meets-Conor Oberst vocal style is laid on top of a beautiful musical arrangement that constantly builds for nearly four minutes.

"'Dear Life' was shot in Albuquerque, N.M. by my friend, Matt Toplikar," Hangauer tells us. "We had a loose idea to do a video involving shooting in the desert. He flew me in and had a party at his house and we went from there. It was a blast!"

Empty Moon were recently in Minneapolis on Nov. 14 helping Beneath the Crow release their brand-new CD. To stay updated with everything going on in Hagauer's world, make sure you head over to his official Facebook page right here.