'James' by Brooklyn's Ex Cops is a dreamy pop gem penned after my own heart.

Discussing the song's genesis, singer Brian Harding told Diffuser.fm, "'James' was written very close to the release of the record and demoed super quick in my bedroom. It was designed to be super slow and dreamy with tons of reverb. I wanted to write a song that could be played along to the video of '1979,' and that is James.

"Lyrically, it's about being a f---up in New York, but still being in a place where you can romanticize it, which kind of ends around 26, and then you have to start taking vitamins," he added.

As a 26-year-old f----up in New York, I myself view the world through the rosiest, most romantic glasses around, but even if that weren't the case, this track's upbeat tempo and wet, reverby sound would prove kind to the ears. So while I run over to Rite Aid and grab some Centrum, go ahead and get down on some new Ex Cops.

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