Although Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch has had his hands in a variety of creative endeavors as of late (not the least of which includes writing and directing the upcoming movie, 'God Help the Girl'), he told us his band's next album could be among their most personal.

During an interview about the film with Deepest Dream, Murdoch also opened up about the band's ninth full-length -- the follow-up to 2010's 'Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.'

Well, we got back together full time last year. We wrote our album in the fall and we recorded it in Atlanta, Georgia I springtime. We had a very interesting time doing it. It’s funny talking about film – there are so many practical and concrete things you can talk about when you’re talking about film. Music is such an abstract of itself so it’s hard to give a description of what the record will be like.

Murdoch told Diffuser the Scotland-based outfit put a lot of themselves into the album, the title of which has yet to be revealed.

We definitely put ourselves on the line. I put myself on the line with this record. You should do it with every record but I was really trying to think about where I’m at and (was) really trying to write about my experiences as an older person. I’ve got a kid now, so…

He also spoke about the band's plan to reissue nearly all their albums on vinyl as part of the series, ‘It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career,' but admitted he's not much of an audiophile himself.

Quite honestly, I don’t play vinyl myself these days. I find it so convenient just to have everything on my phone -- all the music I love. Of course, it’s the romance of vinyl. Creating the artifact, creating the thing that you loved when you were younger -- I don’t think it’s any less valid that we could be creating something now that other people could get into.

Murdoch also sat down with us to chat about the soundtrack to 'God Help the Girl,' which hits theaters this fall. Check out video below: