If all you know of Fiction Plane is "Hate" – the U.K. trio's sardonic single from their bleakly titled 2003 debut Everything Will Never Be OK – prepare for an injection of more positivity than you might be expecting. And if all you know of Fiction Plane is that it's the band of Sting's son, Joe Sumner, prepare to hear an album that should further distance the younger Sumner from the considerable shadow cast by his father.

Diffuser is proud to premiere Mondo Lumina, the upcoming fourth full-length from Fiction Plane (singer-bassist Sumner, guitarist Seton Daunt and drummer Pete Wilhoit).

Recorded at Hollywood's Henson Recording Studios with engineer Tom Syrowski (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen), Mondo Lumina (which means "world of light") is the most diverse and sprawling collection of songs Fiction Plane have written – and, at moments, it's the most optimistic. "It's about the ability to see the beauty in things, to see things in full color," said Sumner.

The new perspective is immediately apparent in the album's lead single, "Where Do We Go From Here," which the band shared a few weeks back.

But while there's more optimism in the lyrics (Sumner said they retain "cautious pragmatism"), the music and arrangements have far more sonic depth and complexity.

"Mondo Lumina was written with the lights on and the doors open," Sumner told us. "With nowhere to hide, it became about being ourselves and examining the contradictions inside our own heads. Most of the songs center around around a conversation between two parts of one person's mind, speaking as if they were separate people. In that sense, it's highly introspective yet transparent and open. It's definitely our chillest album, but maybe the most powerful because of it.”

It's also their most ambitious and eclectic. From the vast, Western-inspired "Don't Give Up the Fight" to the contemplative, mandolin-tinged "In My Shoes," each of the 12 songs on the album is instantly discernible from the last. But at the center of it all is Sumner, sounding as confident and comfortable as he ever has with legitimately chill-inducing vocal moments scattered throughout.

Listen to the album below and pre-order your copy here. Mondo Lumina will be released Friday (Nov. 13) via Rhyme & Reason Records. They'll also be playing a record release show at Rockwood Music Hall 2 in New York City on Friday, followed by a show on Saturday (Nov. 14) at MilkBoy in Philadelphia.